fill in a patchy beard

How to fix a patchy beard for men?

Growing beard has become a dream for many guys and they consider it as an achievement of manhood.

The first step to fill in a patchy beard is to letting grow of hair while resisting the urge to trim. First you should analyze the hair growth of your beard and where patchy spots have camped out before trimming it.

When hair growth has increased, trim your cheek and jaw to keep your beard look tidy and let the hair to grow. As the growth of the hair gets increased, the patchy spot will hide fastly. To keep your beard in a good shape and manner, you can remember the following steps:

  • Apply beard oil which will help you to tame the itchiness which often nips a new beard.
  • Beard balm will help you fixing a patchy beard and also it helps you in train your facial hairs to grow.
  • To deal with a patchy beard and to look it more tidy, you can use a bristle brush to make it grow downwards.

To fill in a patchy beard, you should bring the line down the cheek and then keep the edges sharp. After a few days, trim your jaw line and cheeks with a trimmer and an adjustable length setting. There is also a spot between the beard and the stubble and it will help in fixing a patchy beard easily.

keep your beard in a good shape

When you have too much stress or a bad diet, then growth of the beard will be less than the normal one. Proper beard grooming won’t help you for making it look better. The most important reasons to groom the beard are brushing the beard or applying something to make it get better. You can use some extra products like shampoo, oils, balms and more to deal with a patchy beard.

These products will help men in growing full beard or how much the men needs. There are more positive results from the men who got a much hair growth in beard and also patches in the beard got disappeared.

Diet or nutrition will also make your beard grow naturally. You can have foods which are high in protein and also rich in vitamin C and E. protein consists of keratin, which is a protein filled and made of amino acids. By having the foods that contain Omega-3 fatty acids will promote the overall growth and prevents it from becoming dry.